EV 34

Boiler class 5
Double door
85 kg Pellet tank
5 operating power levels
Menu display in 6 languages
Unburnt pellet recirculation system
Automatic Eco-box cleaning
Automatic turbulator cleaning
Continuous fan motor operation for optimum silent operation
Removable ash drawer for the collection of the ashes in a separate compartment
High efficiency insulation
Low maintenance
Safety thermostat
Suitable for external thermostat
Twin Safety Manostat
Water Pressure Transducer
Timer Thermostat
Circulation pump
Expansion tank
Safety valve
Three-way valve (EV 34 ACS)


Total heat output: max 34,0 kW – min 9,5 kW
Water heat output: max 31,8 kW – min 8,5 kW
Energy Efficiency Class: A+
Efficiency: Pmax 94,5% – Pmin 91,9% (to water)
CO emission at 13% O2: Pmax 0,005% – Pmin 0,004%
Pellet consumption: max 7,2 kg/h – min 2,0 kg/h
Reservoir capacity: 85 kg
Heatable room volume: 450 – 850 mc
Boiler water content: 40 l
Minimum distances from flammable walls: side: 25 cm – back: 25 cm – front side: 100 cm
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated input power: 400 W
Dimension: L 81,7 x P 73,7 x H 141,9 cm
Weight: 318 kg
Steel combustion chamber
Stainless steel brazier
Complies with: EN 303-5:2012 – BImSchV II – 15a B-VG – LRV/VKF – BAFA
Remote control: Optional
WIFI module for remote control: Optional
Removable ash drawer for the collection of the ashes in a separate compartment
Fume outlet: Rear
Eco-box self-cleaning
Self-cleaning turbulators
Hot water on request
Platforms for protection: Optional
Boiler: Optional



Certified and tested product.


This product is in conformity with ECO DESIGN 2022 that sets the criteria defining sustainable engineering, computations and measurements aimed at reducing emissions in the atmosphere.


This product complies with the most restrictive rules on environmnental standards and it has been awarded with 4 stars.


The Dynamic Flow Control System provides automatic control of air for combustion, regulating it according to the installation or fuel type in order to provide maximum flexibility of daily use and optimum fuel consumption.


Module for remote control, it can be installed during post-sales.

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