Compact Slim S25 EVO

Space-saving pellet boiler, thanks to its compact depth (only 39 cm) and upper hydraulic connections, it can be placed close to the wall. Ideal for all those who have limited space but need high power. Thanks to the interaction with the patented stratification tank Flat 250, it ensures the best configuration of the system, produces domestic hot water exploiting at the best the available spaces.

Equipped as standard with the innovative motorized burner with patented technology PELLETPOWER® maintains constant efficiency throughout the day without interruptions. No fuel wastage, quick return on investment, easy cleaning because combustion residues are moved to the sides and collected in the ash tray.


Certified and tested product.


This product is in conformity with ECO DESIGN 2022 that sets the criteria defining sustainable engineering, computations and measurements aimed at reducing emissions in the atmosphere.


This product complies with the most restrictive rules on environmnental standards and it has been awarded with 4 stars.


The Dynamic Flow Control System provides automatic control of air for combustion, regulating it according to the installation or fuel type in order to provide maximum flexibility of daily use and optimum fuel consumption.


Module for remote control, it can be installed during post-sales.

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